Beautiful red, green and white vased arrangements accented with black bouillon

It’s that Rosie-Red time of the year again when men and women rush around in a hustle and bustle the last 24 hours before it’s time to wow their significant other. But whether you’re a sappy Red and Pink kinda person, or a stay-at-home and hide with your significant other type of guy or gal, it certainly doesn’t hurt to come home with a Beautiful bouquet of flowers that brightens up the room, and can say quite loudly, or with sincere subtlety “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.

colorful handtied arrangement with warm orange and creamy white tones accented with lime green.

In any case, we’re celebrating this Holiday at Living Arts with a fragrant and quite diversely colorful shop full of gorgeous flowers, and we’re officially taking orders!!

This year we have a couple new features added to our Holiday regime. As in past years, we will be having our famous roses, red white and pink selections available, as well as a wide variety of other flower options all in warm beautiful color schemes for those who love flowers but may not love the mascot flower of this season. In addition we will offer our signature Living Arts Bouquets, available as Hand Tied’s, or Vased. The final and most exciting new feature this year is our Mobile RedWagon, which will be traveling around Lyons on Thursday, Valentine’s Day, selling quick, convenient Cash and Carry Roses to-go. You can buy as many as you like, of course, but we will be offering special price breaks for Single, 1/2 Dozen, and Dozen Roses.



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