Valentines Day Bouquet

This was only one among many of our creative collages of beautiful Valentines Day flowers!

We’ve been tying every bow and sealing every knot as we prepare for this years’ Valentines Day-a day of passionate romance and well-being that abounds, and will not be forgotten. As we approach this season, we are noticing a very important and prominent topic throughout the Floral world: Local Brick-and-Mortar Florists VS. Online Order-Taking Companies. Yes, you’ve seen them before in adds and TV Commercials- companies like Teleflora, FTD, 1-800-FLOWERS, Just Flowers, Pro Flowers, etc. And if you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard this issue discussed by us before. That was back before an awakening of sorts on this matter started to happen. And just as we have described our reasons for the idea of out-lawing these types of Corporate, Faceless businesses, so have many recently begun to collect themselves into a bigger realization. It was even discussed on one of the Live Daytime Shows (such as Good Morning America or the Today Show, can’t remember which) recently and is becoming a growing topic around the nation. In an experiment to test the integrity and success of each of these Corporate Companies, they placed an order to different locations with each one of these Big Brand places, and then followed up with the recipients to find out how they did. And the results? Anything but satisfying.

Something we, as direct members of this career and the floral world have observed in our time in this business is the amount of unjustified faith customers put into these companies. How often do you, as the customer, make sure that the product you have sent through these companies met the promised expectations after it was delivered that you paid for? And has anybody stopped to consider what it is like from the Local Florist’s perspective to be given these types of orders, or to be dealing with these companies? We can give you a great idea…

Sure you probably see cut flowers pretty often in your travels through this life. If you’ve been to a grocery store at all I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of options. And many might even argue that they have some pretty options as well. If any of you have ever purchased flowers from a large Grocery Store chain, you would probably agree with us when we say that after you take it home, open the package up, and try to manipulate it to go on your table in a vase of your own, you have half as much as you thought was there, and mostly all of it is foliage, as well as bruised and of a lower quality bracket than you thought you were paying for. Or maybe you’ve gotten it home, and on your table, and the next day half or more of it is dead! This is fine and dandy if that is what you want, or are expecting. But if you want something that is of a higher quality, and life expectancy, and also a much better and more beautiful offer for your money, there really is only one other option: A Florist. And most often, a Locally-owned Florist, at that.

Your Local Florist spends a quality amount of personalized time building the various routines inside of their business that promises the success and satisfaction that they deliver, to meet their customers expectations and needs. They devote high amounts of energy to the trial and error process of discovering the best products, followed up by educated decision making in the purchasing process these products, to ensure that they come in with a perfect timing that allows the peak of it’s performance and quality to be achieved at the moment it is put on your Dining Room or Foyer Table. In addition to this, they spend sometimes, if they’re like us, a lifetime learning the techniques they use to create such beautiful works of art, using a very tricky medium-living nature-to convey the messages that all of you are wanting to send across the world to your loved ones.  Thats not to mention the time spent training their staff on the correct way of cleaning, processing, designing, and transporting these beautiful works of art so that they may make their ways into the lives of all who receive them looking their best-often times MUCH better than the picture you chose on that Online Order-taking company’s website. And all of this is achieved with the purpose of serving their individual communities, and upholding the higher reputation that they strive for. Going the extra mile, paying the extra dime, not cutting corners like using flower food and coolers to keep it looking good in the store, that is, until you take it home and put it in the warmth of your house, like the grocery stores do. These companies that are taking these orders for you are faceless, behind some computer, having no accountability, or interest in it even when it comes to you, their costumer. That lack of care transfers, as well when they call the local florist. Often times these orders will lose the local florist money, because they care more about the people and their own product and reputation than they do the money, and so therefore, they design them extremely over value for the money they collected from these companies, because they choose which matters more. And they’re only receiving a percentage of what you paid. Which means the value of the flowers you’re buying is significantly less than the number of the purchase on your bank statement.  Once you really start to consider this, it can become frustrating, for you and for us!

Here in Lyons, Colorado at Living Arts Floral Designs, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to the movement to delete these companies from our, as well as everyone who we deal with’s experience. And not just for us, but for every other Local Florist out there, as well as every customer wanting our product. We do not believe that these companies have any place in this industry. And we refuse to answer their calls or take their orders. We pride ourselves in transparency, integrity, and quality. And they do not. Therefore, we are not a match, and we will not do business with them.

But doing so without educating the masses is just as much of an injustice as what these companies are doing. So it is our mission- along side our desire to provide you with the Art Form that Floral Design truly is-to help all to understand and support one another. We are all in this together. And if we’re going to be here, in this business, we are going to do it right.

So do yourself, your significant other, your pocketbook, AND your small businesses a favor this upcoming Holiday, and every Holiday to come, and Shop Local. If you’re sending something out of state, get on Google, and type in the recipient’s town’s location, and “Local Florist” and call us directly, even if its with an idea in mind that you found on a picture from one of these websites! And if you want quality product, don’t go to the big chain grocery store, either. You won’t regret this decision.

We have already placed our order, and are extremely excited about the gorgeous, high quality flowers that we’re getting in. We’ll be having all kinds of varieties available, from Roses to Tulips.

Give us a call, and we can give you the personal, satisfying experience of shopping small and shopping local this Valentines Day.

You can also find our bouquets and single Roses at the local, Lyons Colorado (Small Business!!) Grocery Store, St. Vrain Market, Deli & Bakery for a quick, easy and maybe even last minute Valentines Day Gift.

Happy Valentines Day!


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