Almost everyone now, nation wide, has either heard of or has been directly effected by the 500+ Year Colorado Flood of 2013. With what seemed like a natural disaster that came out of the blue, this was a huge devastation to many, and a brand new chapter started for all. In the chaos many of us, even those luckier few, have been displaced from our homes and businesses awaiting the moment we can return. All things considered, Living Arts Floral Designs was blessed. Our location at 324 Main Street received minimal damage, being on the higher end of Main Street. However, the displacement portion of this experience has still affected us greatly. In a time like this when we are being challenged to make do, we are doing our very best to move all obstacles and overcome any shortfalls. This will make us even stronger!

But – we could use your help!

Aside from the weddings that we were able to finish in our 2013 Wedding Season, our business is at a standstill. Many do not know that we are open and operating, and it has affected our income greatly. Meanwhile, we have found a place to design our flowers out of; however, this change has increased our overhead considerably. If you’d like to see Living Arts Floral Designs continue to thrive and serve our Lyons, Longmont, and Boulder communities as well as return home when possible and continue to serve, and you would like to support us, please consider a financial donation to our cause. There is no expectation of amount and we GREATLY appreciate all of those who are so encouraging and supportive of our little flower business, and any and all donations you may choose to make.

We were finally allowed to return to Lyons and look forward to returning to our home, our community, and our family, regaining the opportunity to rebuild our business along side all of you as we continue to move forward in the recovery from this traumatic event.