Hello again to our many friendly followers! We hope everyone is transitioning well into the cooler weather; fall is on it’s way! The nights are quite brisk and the days a little cooler here in Lyons, and of course, the flowers love it! As all of you know, approaching this change in season means that we are starting to build our agenda for next year, and really taking a deeper look at which directions we would like to expand in. As our months progress, and our weddings see success, we are stumbling into more and more wonderful possibilities that are a’building! Here’s for a fun sneek peek of whats to come in the Living Arts Exquisite Floral Designs future.

Fun angle of bridesmaids dressed in bright red, featuring a tall summer sunflower arrangement in metal bucket. During this year’s wedding season we have been working side by side with the fabulous crew over at the Lyons Farmette here in town, which includes Katie Baum Bruzdzinski with Eat Private Chef and Catering, Co, and of course the owners and employees of the Farmette themselves. Betsy Burton, one of the lovely owners has been continuing to suggest Living Arts to all of her 2012 brides. In doing so, our three teams have had many great opportunities to collaborate, and thus, new ideas have begun to brew.

In a recent meeting after one of the very successful and beautiful wedding events at the Farmette featuring Living Arts bouquests and designs, the owners of the three local wedding vendors got together and discussed building one big team for next year’s wedding season.

We would proudly and honorably like to announce to our community of loyal followers that as of the start of the 2013 Wedding Season, Living Arts Exquisite Floral Designs will become the one and only Featured Florist for the Lyons Farmette. This means that throughout the entirety of the wedding season, these three vendors will be working on all weddings that come their way side by side! Living Arts will be designing and servicing all weddings at the Farmette for brides who choose the Farmette’s full services, which of course, include us!

It has been and will continue to be a wonderful 2012 Season,here’s to a remarkable 2013!

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