March may be one of the most exciting months in our little floral studio. The phone is ringing off the hook as the wedding season rapidly approaches. We spend our days booking appointments, making arrangements, and our evenings are filled with searching the web to feed our creative minds with what’s trending for summer 2016.

From our experience, Pinterest may be the most referred to social medium out there to get inspired. Who doesn’t love Pinterest? We love Pinterest! With all its themes and colors, bouquets and table settings; it’s just plain yummy. The possibilities are wonderfully endless, yet there are a few things to consider when envisioning your wedding and creating your flower budget.

imageEstablishing a realistic wedding budget is the second most important decision you need to make regarding your wedding. (Saying yes was your first!). The golden rule is that 20% of your wedding budget should be spent on flowers. Are flowers worth 20% of your budget, you may ask? Well, take a look at all the Pinterest pictures you absolutely love and imagine them without flowers. Does the picture still move you? Does the picture still have the “feeling” you are trying to capture on your wedding day? Do the flowers help define the theme of your day?  To answer the question, yes, flowers are extremely important and we can promise your money’s worth for your budget.

Now, let’s talk actual cost of the Pinterest pictures…

Most of the wedding pictures you see on Pinterest have a very large flower budget. Very large! You may find your jaw dropping when you show your florist your dream bouquet to find out that the actual cost is $500+ to produce… and that’s just for one bridal bouquet! When a beautiful bride walks in with only a $1500 flower budget and the bouquet she has fallen in love with is 1/3 of her budget… well our stomachs drop too.

Here’s good news…

All things are possible! If you truly set aside 20% of your budget for flowers, it is our job to create your vision. Some adjustments may have to be made but the overall effect will be the same. When you fall in love with a theme for your wedding you’re falling in love with the “feeling” it gives you. That “feeling” is what we will help you create within a budget you can afford.

For us to turn your dream day into a reality, we need you to do a little homework for us before our initial consultation. The following guidelines will help us help you:

1) Pictures – Along with establishing your budget, we need to see pictures. Pictures of everything and everywhere you want flowers. While compiling these pictures, look at each one and ask yourself, what do I love about each one? Is it the color combinations or size and shape? Do I like large bloomy flowers or delicate ones or a bit of both? In addition, tell us what you do not like about the arrangements. Please remember that there is no such thing as duplicating floral arrangements. Blooms vary in sizes and colors. From your pictures, we can get a true feel of your theme and personal style.

2) Prioritize your “must haves”. If you are on a tight budget, know what is most important to you. We ask that you also be open to suggestions to alternatives. As professionals, it is our job to know market value of all flowers and availability at all times. If the flower you love is out of season (and driving up cost), we can suggest alternatives that will be just as beautiful and more cost effective. Our goal is to get it 100% right for you on your special day.

image3) Consider a DIY Consultation. For a minimal fee, we will offer you a DIY consultation and can sell you florist quality bulk flowers. Being professional florists, we are supposed to sell, sell, sell, right? No, that is not how we work. Not many florists will offer consultations, but we will. We’ve all seen the “DIY Gone Wrong” posts and you do not have to be one of those. Your best friend may be great at many things but unless she is a florist herself or a designer, she will need some guidance. Believe us, it is a fee worth paying!

4) Be ready to commit. Go with your gut, always. If you like the suggestions we offer and you have a good feeling that we will take good care of you, honor us with your trust and business. We really do have the greatest jobs in the entire world, working with flowers all day to create dreams for a living. Our number one goal is to exceed your expectations…. and oh we surely will!